"We cannot cure our patients, but we can assure the dignity and value of their final days, and keep them comfortable and free of pain."


Rose Hawthorne

(Mother Mary Alphonsa, O.P.)


General Requirements for Admission
  • A diagnosis of incurable cancer with documentation to support the diagnosis.

(A pathological report, CT scan or similar documentation is required.)


  • The need for palliative care after all aggressive cancer treatment(s)

[i.e. radiation, chemotherapy and surgery] have been completed.


  • Financial need: Insurance is not accepted, but those with insurance are not automatically disqualified; individual circumstances are taken into consideration.


  • A signed Do Not Resuscitate form (DNR).


  • PPD Skin Test Results.


  • A list of current medications.


  • A signed Health Care Proxy.


  • A completed NY DOH 695 screening form (if New York resident).


  • A medical history and physical exam or consultation (i.e. narrative report).